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womens, sailor and stupid guys
words by melanom

some women said: it’s not so cheap - but the devil drives the car
in front of that a little child cry, want get into jar
he'd lost some things no happenings he just has fun today
babydoll with lipsticks shout: You've to fuck me if i say

goodbuy old times the toys are in the ocean
hello dark night bring me back again
we are between hell
so far away from home
no mother could told us
what to do- we are alone

the old man told there was a sailor couldnt found a girl
sailed throuht an ocean filld with wiskey , had catch only some fish
when a moonbeam found a target between the daughers eyes
he starts to cry the ship goes down expect rats all people die

another town an other place a bird sit on a tree
it was shot by a stupid guy who was lookin for a meal
then the guy keep out controll and shot a child away
a sailor sittin behind the bar dies during this cold day

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